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Hard Floor Camper Trailer

Welcome campers to a quick update on the progress of our newest baby!

DESERT EDGE are currently in production of the first of our new "HARD FLOOR CAMPER TRAILERS"

We are expecting 2 models in the range with an

All aluminium body

Extra heavy duty steel hot dipped galvanised chassis

Fully proven independent suspension

Our wing storage box

A slide & pivot kitchen system for better space saving &

All the bells and whistles you would come to expect from a hard floor hard core camper trailer.

This camper trailer has been designed for those of you who demand quality & reliability at a realistic price !

 DSC01858    DSC01898


Queensland campertrailer manufacturer produces first hard-top camper
Gold Coast-based Desert Edge Trailers has responded to customer requests and produced its first hard-top camper trailer.

Unveiled at Melbourne's Lesuirefest the folding hard-top Outback model has similar features to the company’s soft-top range of campers, albeit with the folding hard floor that sits above the ground, reducing the entry of moisture and cold air into the living areas.

“Outback is a completely new model, it’s the first hard floor from Desert Edge,” said a representative at the show. “If you have ever gone over the Tanami desert, you need to be off the ground, it’s cold, and something like this you can sleep a couple of kids on campbeds.”

The Outback features a queen size mattress and 12 gauge Australian canvas, and is “fully sealed on the flipover so no draughts can get through”.

“It comes in different colours, but right now you can have anything you want as long as it’s red,” he said. "It’s something that makes it stand out. Years ago they used to do a lot of them in earthy colours, now you need something that people can see.”

The display model at Leisurefest was painted in a bright fire-engine red, the durable two-pack paint featured right down to the pull-out kitchen galley, with aluminium sheeting to protect the wear points. Complete with burgundy canvas, it retailed for approximately $27,000.

It also featured the deluxe, pull-out kitchen with splashback, two decent-sized carry boxes on the towbar, spare wheel, gas bottle, stone guard, and deep cycle battery.

Desert Edge campers are manufactured by Telwater, the company behind leading aluminium boat brands Quintrex and Stacer. The camper trailer bodies are manufactured from lightweight, marine grade aluminium, underpinned by a hot-dipped galvanised chassis and independent, rubber suspension.

More Information Coming Soon.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at AUSTYLE CAMPERS AND TRAILERS Brisbane / Gold Coast.